Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My New Blog!

Yippee!!!  I am LOVIN' my new blog design!!    I can't wait to get started sharing my thoughts and ideas as I navigate through my first year as a teacher!  But, a little background first.  I completed my degree in Elementary Education many (many) years ago.  BUT...after graduation, I was given an opportunity to head back to graduate school and work in student affairs.  At the time, it was such a passion of mine and I couldn't say no.  Skip ahead a few years.  I married my husband (and his two daughters) and we started a family.  We decided that my primary role would be to stay home with our daughter.

A few years later and we had a full house!  We have 5 girls (ages 23-8) and a crazy hectic daily schedule.  Even through all of the craziness at home, I still felt the pull back to the classroom.  I decided to head back to school in 2011 and completed the Master In Teaching program at Washington State University (Go Cougs!)

I spend the last year subbing in a few local districts.  While I learned a great deal, I missed being able to form relationships with the kids like a regular classroom teacher would be able to do.  I made it my mission not to sub again next year!  I feel so blessed that I was offered a teaching job at a local Christian school.  So, now my adventure in 5th grade begins!  I have an amazing teaching partner who will be teaching 2 days a week while I teach 3 days a week.  It will be a great way to ease into teaching (while hopefully keeping up with our girls' crazy schedules!).   So, I'm spending my summer reading through curriculum, making plans for my new classroom and trying to wade through my hundreds of teaching pins on Pinterest!

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