Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maybe the earth REALLY is flat!

I've been pondering this past week (or two) about the shape of the earth.  I think it could quite possibly be flat.  Now, before you call for my teaching certificate, let me say that I know the earth is round, but honestly when it comes to blogging, it feels as though I've fallen right off the face of the earth - hence my thinking it really could be flat!  :)

In all seriousness, it's just be a CRAZY (or in the words of my daughters - cray cray) couple of weeks.  I had a two day teaching conference at Gonzaga (which was FABULOUS) which led into a crazy busy weekend of barefoot soccer (more on that in a minute), which led into a week of having a painter in the house painting every room upstairs (which meant me - just me - moving EVERY piece of furniture and all of the "goodies" hiding underneath).  As if that weren't already enough, we still had 4 soccer practices a week, some back to school shopping, an end of summer basketball party, piano lessons and a couple of meetings at school.  Whew....this is my life.

I'm now trying to savor the last few days of summer.  I go back on Monday and Tuesday for staff meetings and then start school with the kids on Wednesday.  YIKES!  Where did the summer go?!   We have had a nice summer, even though it's buzzed by quickly.  The girls have done some fun things, including a little Barefoot 3-on-3 soccer tournament.  These girls had SO much fun and even won the award for best uniforms!
These are the fun memories we have to hold on to as summer quickly fades into fall.  I'm sad, but really looking forward to crisp days, football games on Saturdays and new fun memories at school!

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