Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday (on Saturday!) usual I feel as though I'm always about a day behind.  But nonetheless, here is my Five for Friday (on Saturday!).

#1 - This was an incredibly emotional week for our community.  Last weekend there was a tragic accident in our neighborhood that claimed the lives of 2 young girls from  our high school.  The only survivor was the driver of the vehicle, also a student at the high school.  These two girls taught Vacation Bible School at our church, McKenzie played soccer in my daughter's soccer club and the mom of one of the girls was the counselor at my daughter's middle school.  It was a week filled with tears but also joy.  The community really pulled together and did some great things to honor these two amazing girls.  It's just tragic to see loss of life at such a young age.  It was also an opportunity for me to talk to my girls about being safe and not taking life for granted.  Lots of prayers and love for the families of Josie and McKenzie as well as prayers for healing to Preston and his family.

#2 - We're continuing on with our author study of Chris VanAllsburg in our classroom.  My favorite lesson this week was using Ben's Dream.  I used the book to transition into a geography lesson using the landmarks in the book.  It was a great lesson...but also one that proved my kids need some extra help being able to differentiate between cities, states, countries and continents.  I can't tell you how many times I had to say "No, South Dakota is not a country".  Oy!

#3 - Still very much in love with the Interactive Math Journals packet I purchased from Runde's Room on TPT.  It has been a great way to incorporate some new, interactive activities into our daily lessons.  THANK YOU!

#4 - I was BLESSED this week at school!  Our school began a new program this year that provides parents with an opportunity to "BLESS"  teachers throughout the year.  This week a family blessed me with Starbucks (enough said!), candy and a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants!  After such a difficult week, it was really nice to know others were thinking of me.  Thank you!!

#5 - It's FALL!!  The weather is chilly and the days are getting shorter.  For me this is EXCITING!  I love fall and winter and am probably one of the few people already wishing for snow!!  

Have a great weekend!! 


  1. I love your blog's name and immediately came for a visit! Very sorry about the loss of your young high school students. Heartbreaking. I love that the parents at your school "blessed" you with a little something. Very thoughtful. I'm a new follower!

  2. It is always so sad to lose such young lives...especially in a tight knit community. I'm so sorry to hear about it. I found your blog on Teaching Blog Addict and wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway on my blog. Come and check it out!

    Keep Calm and Apple On