Sunday, September 29, 2013


Normally I would dread Sunday - the day when my focus seems to be on gearing up for the week, catching up on laundry, making a menu of weekly meals, nagging my girls to pick-up so that we can start the week with a clean house....and on and on.  But today I'm actually enjoying my Sunday immensley!  Why?  Because I'm FINALLY getting some planning done!  Woo Hoo!!

I had posted previously about my desire to plan ahead more than one day at a time.  It stresses me out and makes me feel like most days I'm just flying                                                                                       by the seat of my pants.  I seem to never have time.  Today I decided to make the time.  It's cold, windy and rainy here and after spending all day in the rain yesterday watching my girls play soccer, I vowed to not leave the house today unless absolutely necessary!  So here I sit in front of a warm fire while my girls watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original - oh yea!) planning my entire week!

This week will be a week of new ideas and I'm both excited and nervous!  I'm introducing my students to an author study this week.  We're starting with one of my favorite authors, Chris Van Allsburg!  I've mentioned before that I find our reading curriculum a I'm hoping this will jazz it up a bit and get the kids a little more excited about our reading block.  I wasn't really sure where to begin, so I spend some time researching online and found two really great resources (and they are free, too!).  The first came from and the other came from Jennifer Buoy (love her author study units!).  

Geography is the other subject that's getting a makeover!  I wanted to jazz it up a bit, too!  I found a great set of lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers (I'm addicted!) from Meg Anderson.  I think it will work really well in my class and provides them with some fun activities to enhance their map skills!  The bonus is that it incorporates art, which my class will LOVE!

Maybe these new and fun lessons will help take the edge off of the fact that we have 3 tests this week!  :)

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